Mary’s Month of May

Within the Church’s liturgical year different aspects of our faith are given special attention. Most notably of course we have the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. Less well known is how the Church sees each month and week as an unfolding of the mystery of Christ.

You will know that each Sunday is a ‘mini Easter Sunday’ when we commemorate the resurrection. In a similar way on Friday we abstain from meat (or something else if you don’t eat meat) in memory of Christ’s saving death on Good Friday. But did you know that each day of the week has a theme?

Mondays – Most Holy Trinity
Tuesdays – The Holy Angels
Wednesdays – St. Joseph
Thursdays – The Holy Eucharist
Fridays – Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Saturdays – Blessed Virgin Mary
Sundays – The Resurrection

We are encouraged to consider these different aspects of our faith on these different days of the week. For instance, on a Saturday we may say an extra prayer to Our Lady or attend a Votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin.

In a similar fashion, each month of the year has a theme (click here for the full list) with the month of May being dedicated to Our Lady. For centuries the Church has set aside this month to honour the Mother of God. This is a beautiful custom, after all, Mary is our spiritual mother and it is therefore fitting to have a good amount of time set aside in her honour.

Pope Francis has launched a prayer initiative for this month. He would like all Christians to join him in a marathon of prayer, asking the Lord for the end of the pandemic and the resumption of social and work activities. The Holy Father has coincided this initiative with Mary’s month of May, so that we can make these prayers through her, entrusting this intention to her.

The Holy Father has particularly entrusted the rosary to us for this month. If you regularly pray the rosary, I would invite you to unite your prayer with Pope Francis’ intention. And if you’re not a regular rosary prayer, why not consider taking it up for the remainder of the month?

In the words of Pope Francis: “The Rosary lays before our eyes the beauty of a simple contemplative prayer that is accessible to everyone, great and small.”

Finally, if you would like to hear a bit more about the rosary, I am including below a really good video I came across recently.

God bless you all during Our Lady’s month of May.

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